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Tech Tips



Sim Scam

December 29th 2022

Smart phones offer many benefits, including convenience and easier communication. Many people feel they can’t live without them, and use their devices for banking, shopping, paying bills, account verification and to access social media.As phones have become an integral part of our daily routines, they are also becoming increasingly attractive   ▸

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Fake EFT Remittance

November 24th 2022

EFT attachments are usually sent as PDF’s.  Anytime a message with a “.htm” or “.html” attachment is received in one’s email, it is usually a fake lure. Messages with these types of attachments often pass through security software and firewalls as there is no malicious code in the attachment.  Instead, they   ▸

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What is Right to Repair, and Why is it Important?

July 19th 2022

Video by iFixit, published on YouTube. It might surprise you that manufacturers of all kinds of things unfairly limit their customers’ repair options, intentionally making repairs more expensive and more difficult. When you buy something, you own it, and you should have the right to repair it, whether that means taking   ▸

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Stolen Friend's Account - Scam

May 4th 2022

Scammers are relentless. They bet on users not verifying their communications before getting scammed. Sometimes, an old fashioned phone call is all it takes to avoid being taken.   ▸

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